Welcome to Andree Harris Productions

Thank you for visiting our site.  Established in 2018, Andree Harris Productions  (AHP) prides itself in supporting the aspiring artistic community.  Our CEO, Andree M. Harris, wanted desparately to try her hand at filmmaking and screenwriting.  She had a big dream but a limited budget, yet it did not deter her from believing that it could be done.  She was met with multiple challenges and often intimitated by those who had been in the industry much longer than she.  As a result, she lost money, was taken advantage of, as well as completing films and not receiving masters or files.    Because fo those mishaps, she founded Andree Harris Productions, LLC.  Not only does AHP work diligently at making apsiring artists dreams come true.  In such a short time, they’ve made great strides.  The productions that were filmed have won many film festival awards and nominations (can be found on IMDb).

Services We Provide

AHP provides a wide array of services for indie artists that range from:  Scriptwriting, Casting, Directing, Location Scouting, as well as, Indie Book Publishing support.  The wonderful ala carte to using AHP is that regardless of your budget, you can have your apiring project completed.  

Meet the Team

Andree Harris Productions has a team of women and men who helps bring the visions of filmmakers to pass.  The team works hard and around the clock to ensure that our clients are happy & satisfied with our services.

CEO, Andree M Harris

Andree M  Harris-CEO

Andree’s passion for the arts is what fueled her to create AHP.  After being taken advantage of, and cheated  in the industry, she made a vow, that she would be the change that she wanted to see.  Andree has a subpurb reputation for treating cast and crew with the highest level of respect.  She take pride in ensuring the AHP gives all a memorable experience.  As an actress & self-taught screenwriter herself, she  conducts busness with clients as though each project was her own.  Andree went from  pastoring full-time to fulfilling her passion in the arts.  She still uses her ministerial tactics to empower and inspire others. Andree was inspired by so many people, Antoine Allen of Antoine Allen Films instilled in her to ‘Validate Yourself.’  It was something about that statement that resonated in her spirit.  She did just that, she began to write, direct and cast (she also casted herself ). She has won countless awards onthe film festival circuit for her  films.  Andree has a lot of irons in the fire.  She knows that this is not a one womans show, therefore she surrounds herself with people who believes in her vision. 

Stevie Kinchen– Author & Sreenwriter

Stevie and Andree have been distant friends for some years.  Stevie is an awesome novelist who takes his time to weave stories together.  Stevie and his team has completed Love Song and Power, a feature film based on his  same title novel.  Stevie found it beneficial to join the AHP and support with the book publishing and screenwriting side. 

Victor Gulley– Cinematographer and AD

A Chicago native who works closely with AHP.  He is a graduate of Business from Howard University in Washington, DC.  He founded the After Work Program, which is now, A Taste of Theater.  In doing this, he incorporated Acting With the Stars.  He has had the pleasure of have the talented  late Shelly Garrett and Tommy Ford, Drew Sidora, Cynda Williams, Leon, Robert Townsend, Eric Lane, DeEtta West and Thea Camera.  

Victor has written Games People Play, Supernatural and A Long Goodbye.  Victor expanded his work to film. Although his passion of playwrighting will never leave him, Victor finds equal excitement with operating the camera.   Since venturing into TV & Film, Victor has had the opportunity to work on various productions, thus affording him the opportunity to gain experience. Victors has a humble attitude and his keen eye for direction has afforded AHP to  create great works.

Monika L. Willis– Celebrity Hair Stylist

Monika brings to AHP a flair for hair.  Having worked on various independent productions, she took the plunge and assisted with productions for HBO and BET+. Monika can look at a head and already have a style in place. She uses her insight to help create styles that not only compliment the client but works for the production.  


Malachi Johnson- Cinematographer

Malachi has always had a mind for storytelling and an eye for film. He got his first camera from his father at 14. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity INC. He has  a degree in English Literature. He has his own film production company, yet he works with AHP to ensure that visions of artists comes to pass.

Antoine Gomire- Cinematographer

An actor himself, enjoys behind the scenes as well as in front. Antoine is a self taught filmmaker out of Chicago.  He  prides himself with knowing the how to’s. Whenever he wanted to know something, he didn’t wait around for someone to give him answers, he sought them out himself. Antoine’s humilty and willingness to see everyone win has earned him a home at place at AHP. He is eager to meet new people and help your dreams to come true. Movies that he filmed are A Bad Mistake (2021), A Hostile Nation (2020) and Entrepreneurs (2019).